When we imagine a system, we think about a rational unit, a group of interconnected elements that form a set in which every section provides a contribution for an end goal. And the ultimate goal of MDF Italia systems is functionality that goes side by side with an original aesthetic look: lightweight, sober, linear, timeless, but with a strong emotional impact.

For MDF Italia’s Italian décor, modern furnishing is never a question of fashion, but a question of style, that has a timeless and universal nature. And it identifies with quality…


…quality that is perfectly expressed, for instance, by Minima 3.0 and Minima 42 systems designed by Metrica and Bruno Fattorini. These models are amongst MDF Italia’s most iconic products, that speak the language of lightweight since they are made of aluminium. Aluminium is a versatile material, offering plenty of positive features: lightweight, at the same time it is resistant, ductile, long-lasting.

Modularity and flexibility are Minima’s keywords, in its different versions. Modules – doors, drawers and open compartments – are simply leaned inside the structure and thus they can be easily repositioned. This is a key feature since it enables to change the layout as you like, depending on needs and storage situations. In particular, Minima 42 featuring H42 shelves, meets the archiving needs of working areas, such as offices. Variants of storage units, modules, finishes, colours are so many, to meet any end users’ customisation requirements. MDF Italia systems hallmarks are the following ones:

  • Modularity for endless compositions
  • Lightweight, resistance and elegance
  • Great impact and comfort
  • Unique style.

For systems as well, every idea originates from shared values, so that to develop the typical MDF Italia shapes, graphic features and signs.

  • Wall-mounted
  • Exendable
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