Coffee tables


Coffee tables often catch the eye in living rooms, as well as in waiting rooms, lounge areas and in many other situations. They capture the look because they are useful to place a bag, a cup of tea, a tablet, a block notes. If they are also design pieces of furniture, such as MDF Italia products, planned and developed by famous designers in collaboration with the company’s project center, they give style and personality to the environments they’re located in.

In MDF Italia coffee tables, material contaminations are frequent: the testing approach for these products is remarkable. Frames can be either in steel, aluminium or in other materials, while tops range from porcelain stoneware to Cristalplant and Ceramilux up to Fenix and resin. What does not change is the soul of MDF Italia’s style: coffee tables as well feature a simple, linear, unique design and can be used in different living and contract contexts. Alone or as part of a whole, they can develop different layouts and compositions, leaving every user’s creativity free of expressing itself.

MDF Italia’s focus on the continuous evolution of living needs and taste changes ensures a considerable number of finishes, fit for both indoor and outdoor contexts.


Every product of this range takes shape and develops by crossing the boundaries of matter, as we have already said: whatever the material used, it never represents a limit for MDF Italia modern interior design ideas.

Thanks to a constant R&D activity, any conception of extreme is overcome, giving birth to eye-catching and interesting solutions, that are also comfortable and functional. Such as the iconic Tense coffee table, that has renewed, turning into a lightweight, thin table, with a more updated identity and a structure capable of involving different materials to offer an alternative to single colours and single materials.

MDF Italia coffee table collections guarantee top quality standards, with a perfect integration of shapes, colours, finishes. These are the key features of MDF Italia coffee tables:

  • Lightweight and functionality
  • Possibility either of being used single or combined
  • Simple design to be used in living and contract contexts
  • Variety of materials.

Coffee tables
  • Indoor
  • Outdoor
  • Rectangular / Square
  • Oval / Round
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