• Thought forms.

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Thought forms.

For MDF Italia, design is about shaping matter with ideas. More than simple products, the results of this process are thought forms.
Our vocation has always been to create objects that not only become icons but will also succeed in defining the canon of contemporary design.

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We safeguard and value the intrinsic quality of every space through design.

We create and produce designer items and furnishings in the pursuit of excellence. They embody a quest for the essential and ensure that each space — domestic, work or hospitality — becomes unique.


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  • The lightness of design.

    Point, line and surface. The common denominator of all MDF Italia’s products is lightness, concise forms that reflect the rigorous precision of the design. There are no casual elements in this work of subtraction: the superfluous is eliminated to reveal the meaning and soul of the objects. A lightness that is embodied, time and again, in the absolute simplicity of a table composed of four vertical legs and a horizontal surface, in the essential and unadorned contours of a chair, in the radicalism of a bookcase that revolutionises the idea of storage. In a style that remains recognisable in time and over time.

  • Project culture.

    MDF Italia’s aesthetic lies, above all, in its design methodology.
    In our work we seek to unveil the soul of the project, to render its substance tangible and visible. Technological and material innovation have been distinctive features, terrain of experimentation since the start. We were among the first to use Cristalplant, a lightweight cement (UHPFRC) previously used only in architecture, cement and marble on tabletops. We operate both with industrial and artisan processes depending on the final result we wish to obtain.

  • The luxury of ideas.

    We allow ourselves the luxury of ideas in the belief that there can be no project without prior thought and there are no thoughts without contamination from different perspectives. Hence our daily productive work is accompanied by ongoing research and dialogue with critics, designers and clients and with the most brilliant minds of the day. Pioneers of form destined to become icons of contemporary design, we believe in breaking the stereotypes and compositional frameworks and are open to be influenced and inspired by architecture, art and all other contemporary forms of expression.

  • The spirit of space.

    Our furniture and furnishings are adaptable, capable of becoming alive and fitting in with diverse environments, thanks to their universal and timeless design. Essential, functional and flexible, they have no ambitions to dictate the aesthetics of the surrounding area by their presence, but rather respect the spirit of every space they inhabit.


Since its foundation in 1992, MDF Italia's identity has been established on the values of simplicity, challenge, culture, lightness, rhythm, wonder, time, and identity, thus also defining the spirit of its collections.

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