Furniture and bookshelves


Highly comfortable storage units and bookshelves, ready to adapt to the needs of different environments, to various end uses at home, in the office and other environments.

They constantly transmit the identity values of MDF Italia design furniture interpreted by renowned furnishing designers it collaborates with: technical and formal simplicity, focus on subtraction and a strong emotional imprint. MDF Italia storage units and bookshelves can be defined flexible since they accompany and satisfy the end user’s unique taste.

They can be actually developed either in small combinations or in endless large-sized compositions, thus identifying in a playful modularity that does not curb both imagination and functional needs.

They are often proposed as storage unit systems with doors, drawers and compartments, with column units, basic stackable elements, or wall units that enable many size combinations and front fittings. Storage units and bookcases may feature different colours and materials: the level of customisation is quite high.


Modern furnishing grows thanks to benchmark products, real landmarks of a specific style highly appreciated by consumers. And pieces of furniture such as Random bookshelf, made of 6 mm thick MD-wood fibreboards, micro-goffered lacquer in white and more colours, and Randomito, the hanging bookcase, represent real trend-setter products that contribute to the evolution of contemporary design.

As well as the extraordinary aesthetic impact, MDF Italia storage units and bookshelves offer top functionality since they can contain, if necessary, horizontally or vertically, personal objects, devices, knick knacks and small-large-sized books. Which are the hallmarks of MDF Italia’s storage units and bookshelves? Here they are:

  • Creative and functional modularity
  • Flexible combinations
  • Top emotional impact
  • Simple and unique style.

All MDF Italia’s storage units and bookshelves can be customised, so as to enable end users to obtain a unique and original interior furnishing and give free rein to imagination in domestic environments, but also in the hotel and contract furnishing field in general. As usual, also storage units and bookcases result from a long work of R&D at the company’s project centre, to ensure constant and top quality standards.

Furniture and bookshelves
  • Hanging
  • Free-Standing
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