Random Wood 2C-3C

A new refined Canaletto walnut finish  dresses the iconic Random bookcase in the 2C-3C version. 
An elegant texture with darker veins enhances the natural beauty of the wood, giving a warm and wel-coming atmosphere to the environments in which it is installed, from the living room to the dining room.
Thanks to its timeless character, the new Random wood 2C-3C adapts harmoniously to any context and style, from the most classic to the most modern, characterizing every interior with personality.

Designed in 2005 by Neuland Industriedesign, Random is an icon of the MDF Italia collection which expanded its range over the years with the introduction of the 2C and 3C options in 17 shades.
A modular bookcase, which can be used individually for small spaces, or in combination with other color shades to create larger compositions.



Bookcase made with 6 mm thick panels of medium density fiberwood in canaletto walnut finish;
10 mm thick backrest in canaletto walnut. 

Compartments in standard sizes. The shelves are fit into the backs through concealed dovetail slots. With adjustable feet to 15 mm.
For safety reasons, it is highly recommended to fix the unit to the wall.


- Random 2C (2 spans): height 217, width 35.8 cm, depth 25 cm
- Random 3C (3 spans): height 217, width 46.4 cm, depth 25 cm



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