Complements and beds


Versatile and flexible objects, focused on MDF Italia’s hallmarks: simplicity, subtraction, lightweight, innovation, function and culture of the project.

MDF Italia accessories and beds feature a pure and cosmopolitan style, capable of dialoguing with different shapes and morphologies, fairly combining with every type of product.

Even in this case, collections result from a strict collaboration between famous designers and MDF Italia projects centre, constantly focused on innovation and top end quality.


In MDF Italia accessories and beds collection, products’ main feature is versatility, that goes side by side with a universal dimension, i.e. the ability to express a taste that adapts to any lifestyle.
This is true, for instance, for Bruno Fattorini’s Aluminium Bed: with its solid lightweight, it offers a unique sign in any night area.

Versatile and universal dimension is present also in Link 1 shelf: these projects were designed to generate endless compositions and end-uses. To be inserted both in modern furnishing contexts and business furnishing. Bruno Fattorini Link collection adapts to space and offers the opportunity to change in time.

The same is true for a product such as Mamba by Victor Vasilev, that comes either as a shelf or wall desk. Thus Mamba plays a changing role, that varies depending on needs and spontaneously interacts with what is next.

And actually MDF Italia design furnishings express all this, as well: ability to adapt, top flexibility to be inserted in different contexts, thanks to their essential shapes and their strong iconic nature. MDF Italia accessories and beds have the following common features:

  • Essential shapes
  • Ability to interact in any contex
  • Versatile nature
  • Strong iconic personality
  • Lightweight.

Also in this case, MDF Italia accessories and beds production system offers growing quality standards that ensure a perfect combination among shapes, finishes and colours, to meet the most innovative needs of professional and living environments.

Complements and beds
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