Minima 3.0 Room Divider

Designed by Bruno Fattorini

Minima 3.0 by Metrica ­ design Bruno Fattorini.

More than just a bookcase, Minima 3.0 Room Divider is a versatile system made of 100% recyclable aluminum in 4 different finishes - white, graphite gray, shadow grey and pearl nickel - suitable for different functions. Thanks to the floor and ceiling fixing system, it is also ideal as a dividing bookcase in the center of the room to separate rooms in an elegant and light way.
Minima 3.0 Room Divider allows you to create custom compositions that adapt to all spaces. Three columns in the widths 60, 90 and 120 cm allow you to create compositions up to 7 meters long and 3 meters high. Storage units with door, flap opening door, drawers or open in different finishes are the accessories to integrate this system, which fits perfectly in both home and work environments.

A version of Minima that represents very well the new role of the bookstore over the last decade: from book storage unit, it has turned into a display cabinet, thus inaugurating an aesthetics aimed at lightness that combines multiple functions.



Frame and shelves made of extruded aluminium and assembled by mean of a concealed joining system, giving the structure stability and a special load resistance. Depth 33cm. Frame in aluminium, section 1.5x1.5 cm and shelf 1.5 cm. 
End frames are equipped with an extruded aluminium pressure cap. Minima 3.0 in the Room Divider version comes in six heights: 250 / 260 / 270 / 280 / 290 / 300 cm. The first shelf is set at a variable height, depending on the composition.
The frames are equipped with a fixing pin for adjustments. Inner height of compartments is always 35 cm. Max. 6 columns as per compositions. Other heights available upon request: 230 / 240 / 310 / 320 cm.

Download below the product sheet for more information.


The cabinets can be with open, flap opening doors or drawers. They are simply resting inside the structure and are repositionable quite easily, thus allowing to meet any storage requirements as desired and to choose your own lifestyle by using different colours.

Minima 3.0 now sees the addition of a new storage unit that brings this historic shelving bang up to date and in line with new architectonic and contemporary living styles. Formality, minimalism, careful details and new finishes are the signature features confirmed and innovated in the new units added to the existing ones. The door is further enhanced by two main materials: rearlacquered glass and grooved Cimento®.


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