Minima 3.0 Sketch

Designed by Bruno Fattorini

Minima 3.0 by Metrica ­ design Bruno Fattorini.

Born as an evolution of the Minima 3.0 system, the Sketch version is a collection of hanging bookcases that offers maximum expressive freedom in all the areas of the house. Available in 10 configurations of different width and height and in 4 colours options - white, graphite gray, shadow grey and pearl nickel - Minima 3.0 Sketch organizes your spaces in a creative and functional way.

Made of  100% recyclable aluminum, it is available in a monochromatic version or with a material top in italian walnut or reconstructed White Carrara marble or reconstructed Black Ebony marble, and can be equipped with storage units with door, flap opening door, drawers or open.

A versatile and dynamic system, at home or in the office, which thanks to the possibility of customization responds to the different needs of style, environment and personality.




Frames and shelves made of extruded aluminium and assembled by mean of a concealed joining system, giving the structure stability and a special load resistance. Depth 33 cm. 
Frame in aluminium, section 1.5x1.5 cm and shelf 1.5 cm. 
End frames are equipped with an extruded aluminium pressure cap.
Available in configurations with or without 5 cm thick top shelf, made in multiply wood covered in reconstructed white Carrara marble, reconstructed Ebony black marble and Italian walnut fine wood.
The material top shelf in Italian walnut is not available for compositions longer than L300 cm.


Composition MS-1 dimensions L210 D33 H23 cm
Composition MS-2 dimensions L240 D33 H23 cm
Composition MS-3 dimensions L270 D33 H41.5 cm
Composition MS-4 dimensions L300 D33 H41.5 cm
Composition MS-5 dimensions L360 D33 H41.5 cm

Composition S-1 dimensions L185 D33 H74.5 cm
Composition S-2 dimensions L246 D33 H74.5 cm
Composition S-3 dimensions L276 D33 H93 cm
Composition S-4 dimensions L368 D33 H110 cm
Composition S-5 dimensions L458 D33 H110 cm


The cabinets are positioned at free choice inside the structure and they are grouped into the categories:
- Units with doors, flap door and two-drawer units L60/L90 D33 H35 cm;
- One-drawer units L60/L90 D33 H16.3 cm.
Built in medium density wood fibreboard, with variable thickness, available in a matt lacquered finish in colours: white, pearl nickel and shadow grey, or in natural black wood.

- Open units H35 D33 L30 cm.
Built in medium density wood fibreboard, 8 mm thick, available in a matt lacquered finish in colours: white, pearl nickel, shadow grey, orange, avio blue, mustard yellow, green and dark red. Other finishes are natural wood, natural grey wood, natural black and Italian walnut fine wood.


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