Designed by Bruno Fattorini

Minima 3.0 by Metrica ­ design Bruno Fattorini.
Minima 3.0: three stands for the three key elements that compose the system: shelf, frame, cabinets. Essential and flexible, Minima 3.0 represents the natural makeover of Minima, MDF Italia collection’s icon product, special mention at the XVII Compasso D’Oro ADI in 1998. Technology and innovation have enabled this thin aluminium structure, to propose an increasingly minimal yet strong identity. The storage units (with door, flap opening door, drawers, or open) are simply resting inside the structure and are repositionable quite easily. Uprights and shelves made of matt lacquered white and graphite grey extruded aluminium (100% recyclable). Nominal lengths of cabinets: 30, 60, 90 cm, height 35 cm and depth 33 and 45 cm. Available in a matt lacquered micro-goffered finish or in a wood variant. Two options: free-standing (in 6 heights) or hanging (in 4 heights), always with a 33 cm depth.

The system was completed by inserting new elements such as deeper shelves in natural wood, grey and black natural wood, a basic desk/shelf in different wood types, to end with  the top cloth  hanger shelf and backrests for desk/shelf and for cloth hanger shelves.
These new accessories enable to use the product as a partition to separate living or working spaces in a light and non-invasive way and at the same time to get surfaces to place objects, books, garments or to develop a functional and smart equipped wall, complete with desk for children's bedroom or for the office area at home, or even a refined solution to furnish a walk-in closet.



Uprights and shelves made of extruded aluminium and assembled together by using a concealed joining system, capable of giving the structure stability and a special resistance to loads. Minima 3.0 is entirely made of 100% recyclable aluminium.


Elements made of MD-wood fibreboards, available in matt lacquered micro-goffered finish in the following colour options: white, orange, avio blue, mustard yellow, green, dark red as well as in the natural wood variant, natural grey wood and natural black wood.


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