Designing the MDF Italia corporate showroom in 2020, the Israeli Pitsou Kedem Architects Studio came up with the idea of a dynamic, yet cosy ambience where the walls delimiting the spaces guide the visitor on a visual-sensorial journey to discover the products on display. Today this space has been renewed with a new display: in perfect harmony with Pitsou Kedem’s architectural design and MDF Italia’s DNA, the creative duo Meda-Quincoces have developed a new layout that evokes a refined and timeless imagery.


The universe of colours and surfaces inspired by nature - and recalled by the neutral tones of the tables, the leather of the seats and the light shades of the sofas and armchairs fabrics - transports the visitor to a warm and hospitable environment and it allows the product to be exalted in its simplicity and materiality.

The continuity of the creative project is given by the choice of products that affirm the company’s values: from the most recent NVL TableRandom Wood bookcase, and Neil chair to the iconic products of the collection such as Tense Material and many others.

The styling of the space, curated by Cameranesi Pompili, was conceived as a set of associations of objects and abstract, essential and material decorative elements, in dialogue with the absolute forms of MDF Italia products and the enveloping interiors. The result is a timeless, calm and neutral landscape.

The MDF Italia showroom also hosts the exhibition space dedicated to Acerbis, where the protagonists are the novelties of the Remasters collection.

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