“A smart beauty, resulting from a thought and a know-how capable of transmitting a deep emotion through a wise accentuation of the peculiarities of the materials used”. Tense Material collection is available in 5 heights and 31 sizes, 170 typologies to meet different market needs, from residential to business spaces.

Raw materials’ resistance and uniqueness.
A mix of natural and industrial materials give birth to TENSE MATERIAL made of STONE: its natural and smooth surface features irregular shades, typical of sedimentary stones. 
The reconstructed stone finishes (white calce, black slate and the new pink and yellow onyx), obtained from mineral mixtures of marble and quartz, are applied by hand over the entire surface of the table, creating unique shades that are different for each table.
The material essence of the finishes is enhanced by the essentiality and linearity of Tense, characteristics that make this design icon perfect in any context and with any furnishing style.

Thanks to the possibility of equipping tables with the top-access, Tense Material in stone is also suitable for workplaces, adapting to any office style.


Frame and tops

35x35 mm steel legs with internal structural tie-rod. The 35 mm thick tabletop is a load-bearing composite board built with an internal frame consisting of either aluminium profiles and polystyrene filler, except for the brass top which has an acrylic resin honeycomb filling covered with two outer layers of aluminium.

Top, edges and legs covered with the application of a thickness of about 1.5 mm of material. Finishes: pietra Serena, white Calce, black slate, pink onyx, yellow onyx, sage green and red brick.


The tables are also available in the version equipped with 1 or 2 top-access and under top cable try. The metal cable trays are telescopic (H7/H10 cm), to host various wiring systems, such multi-scoket boxes, etc. wiring systems and electrical parts are not included.
The top-access is made of aluminium (L350 D127 mm) and it’s available in three versions: single lead with soft closing, double lead, optional, single lead with soft closing, with inlay in the same finish of the table. Available in: matt white lacquered for the tables in reconstructed stone white Calce, pink onyx and yellow. Matt black lacquered for the tables in all other versions.



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