Tense Outdoor

In the Tense collection, an outdoor table could not be missing: it originates from a long research on the most suitable materials for open spaces.

Tense Outdoor is completely covered in aluminum sheet. Thanks to the available finish options, it can be easily inserted in various outdoor scenarios: from the gardens of precious villas, to parks and the open spaces of the best hotels and restaurants.
A table that allows guests to get together comfortably and dynamically, in the name of MDF Italia’s essential and sophisticated style.

Today Tense Outdoor is enriched with new finishes in reconstructed stone: white Calce, black slate, yellow onyx, pink onyx, sage green, red brick and stone Serena. Materical finishes obtained by blending natural materials to create a mixture that is spread manually over the entire surface. This process gives life to unique textures that characterise each individual table. The extraordinary resistance of these materials guarantees the outdoor use of the table, while the unique design of Tense, in combination with the stones, is able to capture the attention both by sight and touch.



All the variants available, are perfect in both indoor and outdoor environments.


The load-bearing top, 35 mm thick, is a composite panel made up of an inner frame of galvanised steel profile, painted with a specific treatment for outdoor use, and filled with polystyrene. This is completely covered, both on the top and on the edges, by a goffered painted aluminium or reconstructed stone sheet.

Extruded aluminium legs, 35x35 cross-section, with stainless steel structural tie-rod and adjustable feet. Height 75 cm.


Protective tarpaulin specifically for outdoor products, waterproof, made of 100% polyester, outside with acrylic coating, inside with acrylic resin coating.
Its characteristics are emphasised by its fully fungicidal Teflon finish.
Each tarpaulin comes with a closable slip cover, so that it can be folded and kept correctly when not in use.


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