NVL Table

A mono-material table, with contemporary lines and characterized by a strong personality.
NVL Table is the second project signed by the French architect Jean Nouvel for MDF Italia after Super_Position and which literally takes its name. The distinctive features of Jean Nouvel’s architecture are fully manifested in this table and enhance the stylistic elements that have always distinguished his work: pure geometric shapes, formal lightness, graphic lines, rigor.

The simplicity of the shapes harmoniously dialogues with the solidity of the material and plays with contrasts: the table top appears thin and light and seems floating above the base.
The central support is composed of two volumes that thin upwards and create two symmetrical bases that support the top, thus recalling the principle of trilith, a structure consisting of two vertical elements supporting a third element set horizontally across the top.

NVL Table becomes part of the MDF Italia collection, enriching the tables collection and offering a new solution for domestic and contract environments.
Simple and elegant, thanks to its round shape it encourages the conviviality among guests in dining rooms or living rooms. In its oval shape it fits perfectly in contract and working contexts, such as executive offices, meeting and representative rooms, encouraging the exchange of ideas between the participants. Whether in the lacquered, glossy or matt version, or in the materic variants in reconstructed black ebony and white Carrara marble or reconstructed stone, NVL Table reveals its extreme elegance in any environment.


Dimensions and types

Each table mounts bases of different sizes and types. 
Table 74 cm high and available in the round model (diameters 150 or 180 cm) or the oval model (W200 or W250). 


The bases, undertop flange and top are always monochromatic, lacquered or faced with the application of 3 mm slabs, in the variants:
- matt lacquer in white, black and red
- glossy lacquer in white, black, red and coral red (special colour in 2020)
- materials in the variants reconstructed black Ebony marble, reconstructed white Carrara marble and reconstructed stone.


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