MDF Italia tables and desks are part of an Italian design furniture collection featuring a contemporary design and a technological heart. MDF Italia unique style, based on simplified shapes, is combined with innovative production systems and this makes MDF Italia tables suitable not only to modern living rooms, but also to lounge designs and working contexts, such as offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms with a strong identity.
The wide range of materials that is used and the pursuit of high quality standards enables to get tables and conference tables with different shapes and lengths also exceeding 4 meters as well as twisting stands, all of them featuring top stability and resistance. Care for continuous modern taste evolutions and living needs ensures a lot of finishes suitable for both indoor and outdoor spaces.


MDF Italia table and desk design originates from an effective teamwork. World renowned modern designers, architects, industrial designers collaborate with the company’s projects center.
Every idea takes shape from shared values that generate a strong recognizability not just in every product of the table and desk range, but also in the whole MDF Italia Italian décor:

  • Simplicity: intended as elimination of the superflous
  • Balance between respect for existing spaces and more functionality;
  • Lightweight pursued through shapes and signs.

Nothing comes by chance. Every line designed for MDF Italia tables and desks is not an end in itself, but is conceived to make every work highly functional and practical.


Every product of this range is born and developed by exceeding the limits of matter: whatever is the matter used, the latter never represents a limit for design. Thanks to a continuous R&D on both traditional and new materials, surprising solutions are got that seem to overcome any conception of extreme.
This vision is well represented by the Tense table collection. These tables can reach surprising sizes (over 4 meters) with no alterations in shape. The S-table table as well is surprising, since it features an incredible S-shaped twisted stand.

MDF Italia furniture production system features top quality standards that ensure a perfect combination of shapes and colours, in tune with the most innovative needs of professional and living environments.

  • Outdoor
  • Rectangular / Square
  • Oval / Round
  • Dimension < 3000
  • Dimension > 3000
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