Sofas and armchairs


From living areas to offices, from lounge bars to restaurants and hotels: MDF Italia’s design sofas and armchairs can be smartly inserted into the most varied contexts, both living and contract. With their essential lines and compact volumes, a tailored care for details and seams, as well as a focus on fabrics choice and matching, they feature a unique and unmistakable design.

It is often modular sofa and armchair systems that enable to develop plenty of highly functional lay-outs, thus meeting the most different modern and contract furnishing requirements and adapting to various lifestyles and living scenarios. End users highly appreciate the latest generation mechanisms to adjust sofas. Many of them allow for a thorough electronic adjustment, of both the backrest and the seat.

Some products on the other hand feature a special backrest design that ensures seats with variable depth, for a customised comfort. In any case, as for all MDF Italia design furniture, also for sofas and armchairs top quality standards are pursued, always abreast of the contemporary evolutions of taste.


Originating from the creativity of famous designers that with their innovations have never put limits to MDF Italia’s furnishing ideas, MDF Italia’s sofas and armchairs feature a sober and essential graphic sign, offered in many shapes, next to models that are more female and softer in their design, such as Cosy and Mia.

All of them however, offer a top-of-the-range aesthetic profile, with an unmistakable identity that we can sum up as follows:
Accessories completing the collection, at last, are very important, in particular cushions: headrests, loinrests, squared, rectangular-shaped cushions, as well as quilts and blankets are offered to complete the different pieces of furniture. Therefore, great aesthetic and emotional charm for MDF Italia sofas, armchairs and poufs, invariably accompanied by top functionality and comfort, for every environment where they’ll be located, both business and living environments.

  • Tailoring nature
  • Simple and essential lines
  • Mechanisms that favour customised relax positions
  • Modular sofas for different configurations.

Sofas and armchairs
  • Fixed
  • Modular System
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