“This design aims to draw attention to the value of its materials and structural solutions, as well as the beauty these generate”. Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces.

The Offset table, designed by the Meda-Quincoces duo, finds its poetic ethos in minimalism. A table system available in 6 dimensions in which pure material is the protagonist. For outdoor use, it comes with a brushed anodised or matt lead black painted aluminium structure, with a natural satin-finish aluminium or glass-glazed ceramic top in delicate shades of sage green, brick red and stone grey.




Dimensions available: D100 L180/240/300, D120 L120, D148 L1148, D180 L180 - H73.


Reconstructed stone: the top consists of sandblasted, tempered and spatulated glass slats in white calce, black slate, pink onyx, yellow onyx, sage green, brick red and pietra serena finishes. 9 mm thick.


The frame is composed of only two extruded elements joined together fluidly by way of a high-precision mechanical processing method and sections that conceal the attachments.
Extruded aluminium legs, round section, diam. 40 mm, with internal steel structural tie-rod only for lengths over 260 cm. Extruded aluminium perimeter structure, height 40 mm. Available in the following finishes: brushed anodised aluminium or painted matt lead black.


Protective rain cover specifically for outdoor products, waterproof, made of 100% polyester, outside with acrylic coating, inside with acrylic resin coating. Its characteristics are emphasised by its fully fungicidal Teflon finish. Each rain cover comes with a closable bag, so that it can be folded and kept correctly when not in use.


All Offset tables can be used in indoor ambience. The following top can only be used in indoors ambience: back-painted tempered glass in the colours dune (ral.1001), burgundy (ral.3007), English green (ral.6007), navy blue (ral.5004), black (ral.9005) and white. Thickness: 8 mm.


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