After studying economics, in 1992 Bruno Fattorini took over the company MDF Italia he then ran for 15 years. He immediately started to implement an innovative and dynamic business and product strategy. As designer and art director he guided the company’s aesthetic and cultural research and philosophy. The determined choice to orientate developments towards precise life styles, interpreted with simplicity at the change of the millennium, affects the whole MDF Italia collection reinforcing its strong identity.

A minimalism which seems to be addition more than subtraction, a quest for new spaces for what is new though respecting the past and the extreme simplicity of shapes.

Shortly afterwards the result is an important collection of bookshelves, furniture, tables, beds, sofas and complementary items arising a great interest from the very beginning. ‘Evidence’ of the creative maturity and intelligent curiosity underlying research activities, and of the aesthetic purity in design, is particularly visible in some of his most successful products: the Lim table, the Home Desk and the Colors table, the Aluminium Beds, the Alu Cabinets, the Allen and the Sliding sofa and the Minima shelving system that back in 1998 obtained a ‘special mention’ in the Compasso D’Oro ADI Competition, and the Elevenfive which was awarded in Cologne (2005).

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