The poetry of lights


The poetry of lights: the new MDF Italia collection is revealed through the harmonious dialogue between lights and shadows, in the architectural space signed by Pitsou Kedem.

The interplay between lights and shadows is one of the main themes of Pitsou Kedem projects. On the occasion of Salone del Mobile, the architect who has been collaborating with MDF Italia for several years, designed the company’s stand, defined by an architecture with precise geometries, that softens and dissolves, mellowing into soft tones.

The sharp cuts created by the overlapping volumes allow the light to penetrate the interiors, creating an intense dialogue with the shadows: a poetic that eliminates the barriers between the internal and external space.

The neutral materials and tones of the stand, together with the rays of light reflected on the walls, contribute to create an enveloping environment. An atmosphere which allows the new products to emerge in all their iconic features, highlighting the simplicity and purity of the shapes.

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