Tense Material Heritage

Designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga

The latest addition to the Tense family, a table designed in 2009 by Piergiorgio and Michele Cazzaniga,
it somehow represents a leap into the past, reviving an ancient craft tradition. In the new Tense Material Heritage, the natural or black painted oak table top is finished with a handmade process known as ‘sgorbiatura’ (wood hand carving).

This technique involves carving the wood in an irregular manner to achieve a wavy effect and offer an intensely tactile experience. This meticulous process – which requires several hours of work for each table – completes a frame that embodies the technological and industrial innovation that enabled it to reach considerable dimensions.


Structure and surfaces

Steel legs, 35x35 mm section, with internal structural tie-rod. The 35 mm thick top is a load-bearing composite panel made from an internal aluminium profile frame and a polystyrene filling.

Natural or black-stained oak finish, transparent acrylic surface finish. Edges and legs covered with 3 mm thick solid wood. The fineness and special workmanship of the tops can result in differences in finish and tone. Therefore, any visual irregularities in the design, shading, and non-uniformity of the surface and colour of the material should be considered unique and valuable characteristics.

Dimensions and type

Available in 26 dimensions, in the dining H73, coffee table H45, and low table H35 variants.




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