Designed by Jean Marie Massaud

AÏKU is the new collection of chairs designed by Jean-Marie Massaud, both for home and contract spaces.

AÏKU comes from the Japanese word “haiku” ( 俳句), and it means a short poem generally composed of three verses. Wonderful poems that in a few words express remarkable meanings; a simple poem, with no lexical frills and conjunctions, taking its strength from suggestions. Due to its incredible shortness, it requires a considerable synthesis of thought and image.
The meaning and the sound of this word reveal the project’s concept, to reconcile the paradoxes of uses and sensitiveness. AÏKU can be radical, but at the same time is a refined architecture designed for domestic environments, as well as offices and public spaces.

Discover the padded version, AÏKU SOFT



Shell made from two-colour polypropylene, mass pigmented with double finish; gloss outside, in black and white colours, inside with matt saffiano effect in different colours.
Gloss white external shell, inside: light grey, sugar paper blue, olive green and dove grey.
Gloss black external shell, inside: dark grey and military green.


The lacquered bases (white and black matt) are supplied in the same colour of the shell’s external finish. In addition, the new chromed base is now available for both shells.
Bases available: 4-legged round-shaped base, sled base, sled base with armrests, sled base with armrests and table, 4-legged tapered base and 4-legged base in solid oak (natural, bleached or brown finish).
Versions with 4-legged round-shaped base, sled bases and 4-legged tapered base are stackable.



. Trolley: maximum capacity 15 pieces;
. Hook for sled base (2 pcs), for 4-legged base and for 4-legged tapered base: dedicated hooking system for seat alignment;
. Place marker: numbering system with magnet hook, for 4-legged round-shaped base and sled base;
. Padded Pad: thermoformed cushion, with BS flame-retardant polyurethane padding and combined with welded fabric; This technical manufacturing detail enhances both graphics and padding with a 3D effect, ensuring quality and a long lasting product. 




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