Designed by Xavier Lust

Halfway between a sculpture and a furnishing complement, Fossil is a small table that works on the organic form and material soul of white cement.
Available in three different sizes, Fossil can be used individually or in groups to create different compositions. Its material-inspired design evokes the natural universe, making it a perfect addition to any outdoor setting.


Cement UHPFRC (ultra-high performance fibre-reinforced cement) with cutting-edge technical/structural properties. A fundamental characteristic of the components is mass colouration. The finish and colour of the table bases is the result of a skilled mixture of sand and natural elements.
Together with the slow maturation and drying given to each piece, this allows countless subtle shades to be obtained. The combination of this particular material and the maturation process, which is affected by weather changes, may result in visual irregularities in the design and in the colour.
The subtle shades and the lack of uniformity in surface and colour are to be considered unique properties enhancing the value of the piece.




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