On the SUPERDESIGN SHOW 2019, at Superstudio Più, SUPERHOTEL goes on stage, a project by architect Giulio Cappellini, who, for the design week, presents his idea of hospitality: an international hotel, but with deep Italian roots, mixing industrial products with expressly created high crafts products.

An hotel where everyone can feel at ease, whatever his origin, profession or attitude is. In the name of diversity, with a vision that clashes with the uniformity of hotels of any category.
This is the concept of SUPERHOTEL as it was conceived by art director Giulio Cappellini, who once again presents a specific project following innovation and research combined with elegance, style and the capability of anticipating trends that has always characterized his work.

Some of the most important Italian design brands, including MDF Italia, contributed with their creations to compose the “ideal customised” hotel. 

In the lounge hall, in the suites and in the restaurant some icons from MDF Italia collection can be seen, testifying the double soul of furnishing solutions created for interior design, but that can elegantly fit into plenty of contexts. Furnishing solutions with a timeless and sophisticated design, as well as formal quality resulting from constant research and a top technical level, combined with a strong focus on details.


via Tortona 27 - Milan
April 9-14 | 10 am - 9 pm
Registration online is mandatory to enter and to skip the queue on:



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