Designed by Jean Marie Massaud


The Aïku chair collection, inspired to the short and romantic Japanese poems (haiku), extends and also includes stools.

Aïku stool – elegant, convivial and smart – comes either with wooden base or with sled.
The latter is stackable, which makes the stool highly performing, thus confirming its double aesthetic and functional nature. The shell is offered in all of the versions available for the chair, including the comfortable and wrapping padded model. Like the chair, Aïku stool was conceived for homes, restaurants - in particular, is recommended next to kitchen counters, bars and get-together areas – and collective spaces.

In offices, Aïku stool is an ideal solution for the increasingly widespread habit of fast and standing meetings in 4.0 companies, in shared spaces, slightly less formal than meeting rooms.




Shell made from two-colour polypropylene, mass pigmented with double finish; gloss outside, in black and white colours, inside with matt saffiano effect in different colours.
. Gloss white external shell, inside: light grey, sugar paper blue, olive green and dove grey.
. Gloss black external shell, inside: dark grey and military green.

Padded shell
Injection moulded polypropylene body, cold moulded padding shaped and applied on the load-bearing piece. The cover is not removable and covers the shell completely.


. sled base in steel wire, painted matt white, matt graphite grey or chrome-plated; seat height available: 64 cm and 76 cm.
. 4-legged base in solid oak with a natural, bleached or brown finish. Footrest in chromed steel for all color options. Seat height available: 64 cm and 76 cm.

. Aïku stool: the sled version, in all configurations, is stackable, with a maximum stackability of 6 pcs. The trolley allows a stackability up to 10 PCS.
. Aïku Soft stool: the sled version, in all configurations, is stackable, with a maximum stackability of 4 pcs, with under-seat for stacking.


. Trolley: maximum capacity 15 pieces;
. Padded Pad: thermoformed cushion, with BS flame-retardant polyurethane padding and combined with welded fabric. This technical manufacturing detail enhances both graphics and padding with a 3D effect, ensuring quality and a long lasting product;
. Under-seat: injection moulded under-seat for better stacking.

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