Marialaura Irvine

Marialaura Rossiello Irvine (born in 1972) has been the creative spirit behind Studio Irvine for over a decade. A graduate of Architecture from Naples under the mentorship of Riccardo Dalisi, Marialaura is guided by an intrinsic respect for the narrative foundations of architecture. She began her career with a passion for traditional design before advancing to Milan to study Strategic Design at Politecnico di Milano. With marketing, communication, and strategy as focal points, she gained valuable experience collaborating with top Italian design firms, viewing products as part of a company’s overall strategy.

Later, she began blending her expertise with the British design approach, working alongside her husband, James Irvine. Her design process defies attachment to any single style or typology; it is distinguished by a meticulous methodology fueled by comprehensive research and profound historical understanding that informs each stage of the design journey. Marialaura’s philosophy is akin to a radical whisper, advocating the transformative potential of materiality.

Marialaura’s portfolio includes collaborations with esteemed clients including Arper, Muji, Thonet, M+, FormaCemento, Olivari, MATTEOBRIONI, among others.
Her studio, based in the center of Milan, specializes in product design, art direction, and architecture. The approach is recognizable not only in the final product or space but in the entire process that, starting from the material, involves all the stages of transformation: from production to communication and product strategy. The mission is to simplify to improve the overall design and production. Her research is linked to mono-materiality, always in search of a synthesis that, following an industrial approach, reduces material waste.

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