Pentagramma by Pitsou Kedem


Pentagramma, the new modular system designed by Israeli architect Pitsou Kedem, turns the concept of a living system into a sophisticated harmony with an emphasis on lightness.

Its name is inspired by its structure: the wall support panel, on which accessories are hung to create the composition, is reminiscent of the musical pentagram, where notes are placed to compose a melody.
Pentagramma consists of an extruded aluminium panel fixed to the wall, in the finishes bleached oak and Canaletto walnut, to which various elements can be hung, such as open compartments and shelves in the colours white, lead black and shadow grey.

Its composition is surprisingly simple even from the installation point of view: its configuration can be easily changed over time.

A limited number of elements makes it possible to create an infinite number of combinations, suitable for different functions and contexts of use. Pentagramma adapts transversally to a variety of environments, both residential and contract.

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