New MDF Italia catalogues. A journey through the brand’s different souls.


We create and produce designer items and furnishings that embody a quest for the essential and ensure that each space — domestic, work or hospitality — becomes unique.

Three new catalogues - Indoor, Outdoor and Contract book - present the different brand's souls enhancing the transversality and universality of MDF Italia design.
Volumes intended to be inspirational catalogues, but at the same time working tools to visualise objects in space and start designing.

In the Indoor book tables, chairs, bookcases and sofas fit harmoniously into domestic spaces, amplifying their character and functionality. Refined lines and attention to detail combine with aesthetics and functionality in a timeless furniture collection.

The journey continues outdoors, with the Outdoor book: here, a selection of objects that are extraordinary for their versatility, compositional harmony and quality of materials, fit respectfully yet courageously into open spaces, both public and private, responding to the desire to live and share in the open air, in contact with nature.

Then the Contract book, where we present two proposals - office and hospitality - signed by the Milanese architecture studio 967arch. These proposals demonstrate the transversality of our products and the strong aesthetic character they share.

Indoor book | Outdoor book | Contract book

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