Designed by Xavier Lust

A sound that reminds a shape, a name that speaks for itself: S Table, in which the liquid consonant perfectly tells about the twisted S-shaped stand of this table designed by Xavier Lust.

The creations of award-winning designer actually stand out for the visible tension he gives to his objects, featuring curves inspired by the (de)formation process of metallic surfaces that identifies his whole creative path. The stand, moulded either in Ceramilux or in Cristalplant, technologically advanced, hypoallergenic and non-toxic material, can be crowned by different types of top – in crystal, in wood fiber, marble or in in Cristalplant – to further customise an already unique object. This design table’s communication strength is remarkable, in any kind of space.

- Unique S stand
- Considerable customisation chances
- Soft shape, great communication energy.



It is a unique highlyadvanced composite material made up of a high percentage of natural minerals (ATH derived from bauxite) and a small percentage of extremely pure polyester and acrylic polymers; thus it is an inert hypoallergenic and non-toxic material.
CRISTALPLANT® is a 100% made-in-Italy solid surface and is 100% recyclable,


It is a material composed of natural minerals (calcium carbonates and aluminium trihydrates) and polyester resin.
The gelcoat film coating the surface of the material is made of a highly-resistant acrylate polyester.

Tops for matt white stand

. 15 mm thick clear or extra clear glass
. 15 mm thick clear or extra clear tempered glass
. MD wood fibreboard lacquered matt white with anti-scratch finish. Thickness 30mm
. matt white Cristalplant
. matt or gloss white Namibia marble
. matt or gloss white Carrara marble 
. matt or gloss medium grey Bardiglio marble.

Tops for gloss black stand

. 12 mm thick smoked grey tempered glass
. matt black Sahara marble.

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