20.Venti Home

Designed by 967ARCH


Compact, versatile, elegant: 20.Venti Home, the home version of the namesake system by 967ARCH, born two years ago to meet the new needs of working spaces, reinterprets in a contemporary key the desk of the past. 20.Venti Home perfectly expresses the present trend to dynamic and shared job. A job that, if necessary, may become highly independent. An attitude also adopted at home, where, for a few years, home office spaces have been created, i.e. real active corners to work either continuously or temporarily.

This brand new furnishing solution is not restricted to home environments, but it also lends to other operational contexts: libraries, hotels, exclusive schools and colleges. As for the office version, also 20.Venti Home stands out for the same 2x2 cm profile and the possibility to customise it in terms of colours and finishes. Moreover this desk features an unusual and practical soft cloth pocket, that is hidden very discreetly under the tilting worktop, for storing tablets, devices, documents, books and magazine. A fresh and multipurpose furnishing proposal to meet plenty of needs and end-uses.


Structure and top

Steel frame and legs, section 2 x 2 cm, painted with epoxy powder in matt white, black nickel and bronze colours. Tops and valet tray made with oak veneered medium density fibre panels, brushed and open pore, in the colours bleached, light oak and anthracite. 


Every desk has a drawer that can be accessed through a flap door on the desktop with hydraulic lift; it can be used as a little compartment for small everyday items, stationery, smartphones or tablets.

The front of the desk is notable for its Divina Melange cloth bag, which combines the functionality of a little space for storing objects or magazines with the iconic image of a soft, domestic and textural object.

Colour combinations

. Matt white painted structure, Divina Melange fabric bag colour light grey 120 and top in bleached oak;
. Black nickel painted structure, Divina Melange fabric bag anthracite coal grey colour 180 and top in anthracite oak;
. Bronze painted structure, Divina Melange fabric bag medium grey colour 170 and top in light oak. 



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