Designed by Marco Lavit

Equestrian inspiration underlies the Cantle collection. The term ‘cantle’ refers to the rear part of the saddle, which is usually curved and provides the rider with a safe and comfortable seat.
In the armchair designed by Lavit, the back thus assumes the form of the arc of a circle, which embraces the body and determines its posture.

Supported by a steel frame that traces a strikingly sophisticated silhouette, both the back and seat are anchored to V-shaped brackets. This same element not only characterises the collection, but also makes it possible to reduce material consumption by removing the padding at the rear of the back: a detail enhanced by the double-sided upholstery made of leather and fabric sewn together, a savoir-faire element that evokes sartorial refinement.



The structure is made of tubular metal in different diameters (Ø18 legs, Ø14 back, Ø10 joints) and powder-coated (micro-embossed) in matt graphite grey. Nylon feet.


The back is made of a curved Baydur rigid polyurethane element and polyurethane foam padding.
The inner part is upholstered in fabric or leather. The outer part is upholstered in leather in the colours black, natural, dark grey or dove grey. 
The seat is composed of a glass-filled nylon disc and polyurethane foam padding. The fabric or leather upholstery completely covers the seat. 

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