Flow Chair Collection

Designed by Jean Marie Massaud

Developed in 2009 from an idea by Jean Marie Massaud, Flow Chair is a versatile, flexible chair that has evolved over time into a family of products capable of meeting every need and style.
The curves and elegance of the profile create a perfect blend of comfort and ergonomics. With different bases and a wide range of finishes, Flow integrates into the most varied contexts without ever betraying its original character.

Flow Chair provides a wide range of materials, colours and finishes. In its most ICONIC VERSION is available in different colours and can be completed with upholstery in the over 200 fabrics of the MDF Italia collection.

The TEXTILE VERSION, characterised by exquisite upholstery work, is fully upholstered in fabric or leather, to be naturally located in every soft business and residential space.

Then, FLOW LEATHER comes coated in two types of leather. The Anilina leather is offered in seven different colours. It is micro-perforated externally, while inside it is smooth. It is a premium leather, suitable for specific home environments such as dining rooms, living areas, but also for home office and smart working spaces. The Nuvola leather, conceived for business and public venues such as restaurants, hotels, offices, is a leather micro-perforated internally, while it is smooth on the outside: it is a contemporary, dynamic, high-impact covering, which at times recalls the look of sports car seats and comes in eleven colour tones. 

Discover also the Slim variant, a sinuous armchair with a contemporary flair that blends perfectly with any environment.



Version with mass-pigmented shell (gloss outside)
The shell, made of polycarbonate through injection moulding, is mass-pigmented in the matt colours white, lead grey and mud, and has a standard double finish: gloss outside, and microgoffered inside.

Version with matt painted shell
The injection moulded polycarbonate shell features a paint finish in the matt colours white, lead grey and mud.

Upholstery (countershell)
The seatings can be completed with upholstery: a thermoformed padded countershell with a small pad made of quilted polyurethane and polyester wadding. The padded versions can be upholstered in fabric or leather. Removable upholstery; extra cover available on request.

Upholstered PAD, optional accessory
Made with polyurethane and polyester wadding, and with quilting that is thermally bonded to the fabric. This special manufacturing technique endows the texture patterns and the padding with a three-dimensional look, while ensuring quality and durability over time.


Padded shell. Injection moulded polycarbonate shell, cold foam shaped on the load-bearing frame. The leather cover is not removable and covers the armchair completely.
Every armchair can be personalized thanks to two different types of leather, to the alternation of smooth leather parts and parts in microperforated leather, and to matching or contrast stitching:

Rigorous and versatile, smooth grain leather upholstery with mineral tanning, featuring full and intense colours.
The armchair has smooth leather on the outside and micro-perforated leather with stitching in same tone on the inside.

Luxurious and sophisticated, top-quality upholstery, full grain, pure anilina, with a soft and silky hand; distinctive for its natural tanning, the leather demonstrates all of its material and its innumerable shades. The armchair has micro-perforated leather on the outside and a smooth inside with contrast stitching.


Shell composed of a thermoformed and padded countershell with a small pad made of quilted polyurethane and polyester wadding at the front, and upholstery with zips in the lower part of the chair. 
The textile part is made of removable fabric or leather, which can be supplemented with additional upholstery.


VN 4-LEGGED STEEL BASE, in folded sheet metal matt painted. 360° swivel.

. HEIGHT-ADJUSTABLE 5-POINT-STAR BASE ON CASTORS, made of die-cast aluminium matt painted. Castors in the same colour of the base. Height adjuster (41.2/51.2 cm) crafted in steel. 360° swivel. This base is not available for Flow Leather e Flow Textile.

. BASE WITH CENTRAL LEG, produced in aluminium matt painted with epoxy powder. 360° swivel.

. VN 4-LEGGED OAK BASE, frame from transparent-lacquered natural oak solid wood, with a lacquered aluminium coupling device painted matt white, graphite grey, lead grey and mud. 360° swivel.

. 4-LEGGED OAK BASE, frame of natural oak solid wood, with a lacquered aluminium coupling device. 360° swivel.

. 4-LEGGED CROSS BASE, frame of natural oak solid wood, with a lacquered aluminium coupling device. 360° swivel.

. 4-LEGGED CROSS OAK BASE, die-cast aluminium frame matt painted with epoxy powders, and solid natural oak legs.

Note: The finishes gloss painted white X060 and matt painted graphite grey X054, are not available for Flow Leather and Flow Textile.

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