Gio Tirotto

“I like to think that a designer is like a bridge that connects the idea to the final message, a bridge made of shape, details and function.”
Gio Tirotto doesn’t focus on any specific product group, instead he works to build an artistic language that crosses all different fields of design: from the industrial product to the limited edition, from interiors to temporary set ups and brand’s art directoring. 
Gio Tirotto artistic language is based on the consistency of the idea and depth of research, that is able to use technique to shape a project at its best.

IKEA, mdfitalia, Unopiù, FENIX, Alcantara, Carlo Cracco, Viabizzuno, Manerba, Infiniti, Wall&Deco, Seletti, Bormioli Rocco, Lago, Secondome Gallery and many others.

• 2022 Became the Art Director of Volumeuno
• 2019 Became the Art Director of FBS Profilati italiani
• 2015 Founded, with Luca Camminati, the Spirit Company RYTO
• 2012 Founded the design collective PADIGLIONEITALIA 
• 2010 Open his Studio Gio Tirotto – office for ideas
• 2008 DGO – Design Assistant at Diego Grandi Studio
• 2006 Politecnico di Milano, Italy
• 2003 C&C Architecture Studio (Milan) as product and interior designer
• 2002 Design assistant at Studio Albino Vescovi

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