Two brands, two collections, two families, a common passion for design, a new chapter in Acerbis history. 

From the capital of design, the brand is back to tell its story to regain global markets.

In April, on Milan Design Week, some iconic pieces of the historical Seriate-based company made their first surprising appearance in MDF Italia showroom windows in Milan, thus testifying MDF Italia acquisition of the Acerbis brand.

Today, a few months after the event, MDF Italia is happy to introduce the new Acerbis home.

Acerbis production found a new home in the heart of the design capital, within MDF Italia flagship store, that, since the end of October, has been exhibiting both collections on over 600 exhibition ground, of which 250 mq dedicated to the new brand. 

At the entrance, a temporary exhibition of original products from the company’s historical archive, a tangible sign of this new presence, will enchant and appeal visitors, highlighting the brand’s history and value through the iconic design of some projects available in some of the most important design museums and shows on a worldwide scale.

By acquiring Acerbis, MDF Italia catches the opportunity to develop and expand its business on different taste and market areas, respecting the two brands’ different identity. 


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