Designed by Jean Marie Massaud

The iconic table, with its fluid and elegant silhouette, completely reveals the nature of what it represents: “a round table” that seems to float above a solid, inorganic base. A mixture of natural and industrial materials that are blended to create a new product with a smooth design, following the same philosophy of Flow collection. 
A refined solid object, light and stable, radical as well as sensual. Rock Table unique style, based on simplified shapes, is combined with innovative production systems and this makes MDF Italia tables suitable not only to modern living rooms, but also to lounge designs and working contexts, such as offices, meeting rooms, conference rooms with a strong identity.

To respond to market demands and meet the ever-increasing need for open spaces, the classic round versions of the Rock Table have been joined by a new oval version, characterised by two concrete bases supporting the table top. A spacious table designed for conviviality: the 2.5-metre and 3-metre lengths can accomodate up to 12 people.




. narrow single base (with outer dimension of 34 cm at floor level) with 80 and 100 cm large tabletops;
. single wide base  (with outer dimension of 50 cm at floor level) with 120 and 140 cm large tabletops;
. double wide base (with outer dimension of 50 cm at floor level) with oval tops of 250 and 300 cm large.

TABLETOP finishes

. CEMENT: in white or anthracite UHPFRC cement (ultra high performance, fibre reinforced cement), with high technical / structural characteristics. Tops: 80, 100, 120, 140, 250 e 300 cm.
. STONE CHIP CEMENT: in UHPFRC (ultra high performance, fibre reinforced cement), with high technical / structural characteristics, coloured in mass using natural oxides, enhanced with a stone chi surface made up of Alpine rocks and stones (white and green stone chip top), or stone chip made up of stones from Tuscany (terracotta top). Tops: 80, 100, 120, 140, 250 e 300 cm.


. WHITE VERSION. Base in natural cement, matt white tube and flange, white stone chip cement or white cement top.
. ANTHRACITE VERSION. Base in anthracite cement, matt anthracite tube and flange, anthracite cement top.
. ORANGE VERSION. Base in terracotta cement, matt orange tube and flange, terracotta stone chip cement top.
. GREEN VERSION. Base in green cement, matt green tube and flange, green stone chip cement top.


Protective rain cover specifically for outdoor products, waterproof, made of 100% polyester, outside with acrylic coating, inside with acrylic resin coating. Its characteristics are emphasised by its fully fungicidal Teflon finish. Each rain cover comes with a closable bag, so that it can be folded and kept correctly when not in use.


All Rock Table version can be used in indoor ambience. The following tops can only be used in indoors ambience.
. LACQUERED. Medium density wood fibre panel, 25 mm thick, machined on the edge, and painted matt white or matt graphite grey. Tops: 80, 100, 120, 140 cm.
. GLASS. Smoked tempered glass, 12 mm thick (tops: 120, 140 cm).


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