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A journey through the best MDF Italia projects worldwide


A volume of over 150 pages showcasing some of MDF Italia’s most emblematic projects worldwide. Our new Reference Book is divided into three sections: Hospitality, Working, Residential. From the Maldives resort to the Campari headquarters in Milan, all the way down to the gorgeous villas overlooking the Mediterranean Sea, all the designs presented here reflect the identity values of lightness, simplicity, and innovation characterising our brand.





    Restaurants, hotels, lounges, bars and cafes, airports, shops, waiting rooms… the Hospitality section illustrates versatile and transversal furnishing solutions to greet our senses in public spaces with distinctive aesthetic features. Spaces meant to be passed through quickly or for leisurely relaxation, serving functional or purely entertainment purposes.



    Professional spaces are departing more and more from the traditional concept of the office. We now move swiftly from one workstation to another, laptop in hand, looking for sharing and privacy at the same time. Sometimes, our own homes become offices, with the setting up of studies or corners devoted to our work. Thus, MDF Italia offers smart, innovative furnishing solutions for the new Working ambiences.



    Residential highlights a design that tiptoes into your homes for a creative interpretation of the spaces. Our home is where we build our identity. Our domestic spaces express our most intimate nature, describing us to others during shared moments. The simplicity, lightness, and leaning towards innovation of the MDF Italia collection are qualities that meet the requirements of homes that stand out for their refined, contemporary taste.



    “An architectural complex that houses work, presentation and exhibition spaces. Designed to communicate with the outdoors, where green and natural light break forth in a delicate balance featuring vast, transparent openings.”
    The MDF Italia headquarters designed by Studio Bestetti modulated is a silent and discreet architecture that seeks dialogue in its context and with those who live it every day, in a timeless balance.

Versatile, transversal furnishing solutions for public spaces like hotels, restaurants, shops and waiting rooms, high-performance and flexible items able to meet the requirements of contemporary workspaces as well as solutions that tiptoe into your homes for a creative interpretation of the spaces.






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