A new corporate showroom identity

Headquarters in Mariano Comense, Italy

Thirty years after its foundation, the brand continues to evolve and adapt to new living landscapes, always remaining faithful to the principles that have always distinguished it: lightness, challenge, wonder.
In perfect harmony with the MDF Italia philosophy, and in continuity with the architectural imprint of the Israeli studio Pitsou Kedem, Francesco Meda and David Lopez Quincoces have curated the new set-up of the Mariano Comense showroom.

Concept architecture
Pitsou Kedem architects
Showroom set-up
Francesco Meda e David Lopez Quincoces
Cameranesi Pompili
Thomas Pagani

The layout evokes a refined and timeless imagery, with colours and surfaces inspired by nature that enhance the product in its simplicity and materiality. The continuity of the creative project is given by the choice of products that affirm the company’s values: the icons of the collection - Tense, Random, Flow, Minima - are joined by the brand’s latest proposals, such as the Universal collection by Jean Marie Massaud, the Offset table by the Meda-Quincoces duo, Cosy Island and Curve by Francesco Rota.

The styling of the space, by Cameranesi Pompili, is instead a set of abstract decorative objects in dialogue with the surrounding space.

The final result is a calm and neutral environment that welcomes visitors and guides them to discover fluid spaces that tell the different furnishing proposals.

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