A technical working tool featuring all the products in the MDF Italia collection across 250+ pages.
The Product Book, a natural evolution of the Collection Book, is aimed at all industry professionals who wish to learn more about the brand and its entire product range.

Divided into 5 macro-sections by type, each product is described through a selection of images and a brief description that highlights its features. The book also provides more technical details as to sizes and finishes.

A vast section of the catalogue is devoted to corporate storytelling.
On the one hand, a playful story, made up of numbers, which presents some significant aspects linked to the life of the company; on the other hand, a more emotional story which will guide the reader into a more "human" interpretation of the brand, presenting the cultural approach and vision of our design, also through the eyes of the designers who have worked with us over the years.

Lightness, wonder, challenge, identity are the 4 values that represent the soul of the company: values that define not only an attitude, but also a "modus operandi".

Lightness intended as the subtraction of weight and material, which determines the simplicity of the object.
Wonder is given by form, colour, light and material which, dosed with creativity and foresight, create magic and surprise in those who observe and use the product.
In the universe of design there are always new ways to explore: challenge is another fundamental component of MDF Italia's work. Challenge intended as the will to constantly push the limits of design. 
Finally, identity as a design value. Identity is that set of qualitative characteristics that are part of the object's DNA and with it is transmitted to the homes or workplaces of those who choose it.



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