A significant virtual exhibition celebrates the icons of design and contemporary production, among them  the table Tense Material Intarsia.

The pandemic does not stop the design community from seeking new channels, tools to continue promoting Italian companies and their creations of excellence and high craftsmanship. 

In fact, I-MADE postponed its second exhibition and planned a digital initiative in partnership with Artemest.

‘Revolutionary icons’ is the theme behind I-MADE Digital Edition. The products selected are innovative in terms of concept, image, use of materials and production process.

The selection of timeless products made by Giulio Cappellini, Art Director of the exhibition, with the coordination of designer Leonardo Talarico, includes the Tense collection, a family of tables designed by Piergiorgio & Michele Cazzaniga in 2009.
Since its debut the table, with its thin and essential structure, stood out for research and technological innovation applied to the top which enables to achieve big dimensions, up to four meters, capable of maintaining a perfect straight line accompanied by great lightness.
Tense Material Intarsia will represent the iconic Tense collection.
The table, with its industrial body and an artisanal dress, is characterized by the peculiar finish made starting with marble dust that has been mixed with resins and then spread manually over the entire surface of the product.
A combination of design and Italian craftsmanship which is also evident in the an intarsia inlay made on the top according to the roles of the famous “point line plane” theory elaborated by Kandinsky which makes the table even more precious and special.

From September 28 until the end of the year, all products can also be purchased on

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