ACERBIS International srl and MDF Italia srl has entered into an agreement in which MDF ITALIA acquired ACERBIS’ sales branch, as well as the brand, the collection and the sales network.

Under the extraordinary direction in recent years of Enrico Acerbis, the namesake organization ACERBIS International has undergone a complete realignment of the companies brand so as to revitalize its historic collection whilst continuing down the path of innovation with the introduction of new products and designers. ACERBIS is aware that in order to compete in the global arena it is essential to join forces with a strong, well organized commercial organization with a qualified sales network, capable of elevating and relaunching in the international market one of the most renowned and historic brands in the sector.

MDF Italia a market leader is unequivocally recognised worldwide for the refined synthesis and essential qualities of its portfolio of products. With the addition of the ACERBIS brand, a known technological and material innovator, with an established collection of designs featuring some of the best known names in the history of design and with a clear brand position at the top end of the market, MDF Italia embraces the opportunity with this unification to develop and expand its business in further diversified areas of the market.

The union of these two brands of different origins, yet joined by the same passion for design and innovation, also engages the collaboration of the new generations of two families – Acerbis and Cassina – which have been key players in the design scene for decades.


During the Salone del Mobile, MDF Italia will host ACERBIS on its stand (Hall 16 STAND B19 B23 C22 C28) and introduce a selection of ACERBIS products at the MDF Italia showroom in Milan, via della Chiusa (at the corner of via Crocefisso).

Enrico Acerbis | Acerbis Ambassador
Umberto Cassina | MDF Italia President

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