"Two equal diversities"

During Milan Design Week, from the 4th to the 9th of April, the historical Milanese jeweler MISANI will present in its boutique in the heart of Brera Sign Filo, the iconic armchair designed by Piergiorgio Cazzaniga for MDF Italia.

The new space of MISANI challenges the classical norms of traditional jewelry and for this entrusts its furnishing solutions to the silent, but surprising, design of MDF Italia. In this context, MISANI’s collections and Sign Filo make the perfect combination: the lightness and simplicity of Sign Filo meets the diversity and the audacity of MISANI’s jewels.
Fortyfive meters of steel wire with gold finish are drawing the silhouette of Sign Filo whose creation process evokes the ancient fine-jewelry technique of filigree. As each creation from MISANI, the individual components of the seat are assembled manually by expert artisans.

For one week the windows of MISANI’s boutique set in scene the tale of two brands that have reached the point of arrival in their pursuit of excellence.

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