To celebrate Flow and Tense’s tenth birthday, a special, highly original publication was developed.

Story about a chair” and “Story about a table” are the tales of two catalogues in one. A double cover and a double narration. The same graphical division also regards the internal pages. Each one in fact, in the lower section, offers a technical description, with colors, drawing and finishes – a useful working tool for designers and dealers - while in the upper section, a mood of suggestive and evocative pictures regarding the product and the company stands out.

Another added value with this publication is the will to produce a new range of photos giving white card to three professional photographers who portrayed Tense and Flow in everyday situations, in working and home spaces that are part of every person’s experience.
Stolen shots, real and exciting images, using a contemporary language.

It counts 70 pages, in-between a celebratory volume and a catalogue to describe the evolution and quality of the two products.


The catalogue was designed by CCRZ communication studio.

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