The new typology of storage unit, represents a 3D aesthetic and functional innovation. The system consists either of column units, base units or hanging units. The 2015 collection is completed with new modules such as the H111 wall-mounted column, cupboard and sideboard in various lengths and configurations equipped with a tray. The system’s flexibility is considerable: swivel modules; units with drawers, large drawers, flap doors; modular units to be flanked or wall-mounted. The elements can be highly customised: the open compartments as well as the rotary units and trays may feature different materials and/or colours and can be newly varied by the customer even after their purchase.



All units are made of medium-density wood fibreboard (1.6cm thick), divided into two main categories: vertical elements and horizontal elements.


The elements are in matt lacquered white and open pore matt black ash available.
Open compartments and rotary elements are available in the following finishes: matt lacquered white, green, orange, avio blue, sand, dark red, mustard yellow and anthracite grey; natural wood, natural grey wood and natural black wood.

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