Inmotion: a name that speaks for itself.

A storage system expressing a 3D, aesthetic and functional innovation. Its hallmark? Top flexibility since it consists of column-shaped elements, as well as basic and hanging elements to be overlapped as you like. Rotating modules, drawers and folding drawers can be composed either by juxtaposition or they can be fixed on the wall. Finishes and colours can be customised as well. Colours can be changed also after purchase. Neuland Industriedesign’s Inmotion expresses a great creation freedom arousing emotions, for dynamic, lively and original spaces. 

- Top compositional flexibility
- Customisation of finishes and colours
- A dynamic furnishing.



All units are made of medium-density wood fibreboard (1.6cm thick), divided into two main categories: vertical elements and horizontal elements.


The elements are in matt lacquered white and open pore matt black ash available.
Open compartments and rotary elements are available in the following finishes: matt lacquered white, green, orange, avio blue, sand, dark red, mustard yellow and anthracite grey; natural wood, natural grey wood and natural black wood.


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