Designed by Bruno Fattorini

Handle is the versatile system of modular storage units, that can be stacked up and modulated by columns, that lends itself to be used in different contexts: from domestic spaces to working environments up to public venues. 
Modular system with flexible height, the various elements are connected by an innovative SNAP FIT joint system. Without using screws or other metal parts, it becomes extremely simple to change the position of the various elements. This feature allows storage conditions to be changed as desired or required, and to choose a personal living style.



Piece of furniture produced with medium density fibreboard, thickness 2.2cm, covered with a polymeric sheet matt white (PET) or matt lacquered medium grey.
Extruded aluminium handle matt painted to match the storage unit’s frame.


Available in the nominal widths 45 and 90cm, and depth 45cm, they are divided into the following types:
TERMINAL element: height 44.5cm or 22.6cm, depending on the elements;
STACKABLE element: height 43.8 cm or 21.9 cm, depending on the elements.
The storage units, are divided into the following categories: door, flap door, open compartment, drawer and double drawer. All versions feature a lacquered back designed for the element to be placed centrally in a room or behind a sofa.



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